Plain text to readable screenplay


What is Screenplain?

Screenplain takes a plain text file and converts it to a good looking screenplay. The output can be HTML for publishing on the web, or Final Draft FDX to be compatible with studio workflows.

What is plain text?

In contrast to text you write in a word processor, plain text has no formatting like typefaces or font weights. It is a very simple file format that has been around since the early days of computers, and is supported by almost any software that you can use for editing text.

What is Fountain?

Fountain is a way to write a screenplay in plain text, which is easy to type in any software that can edit text, but still can be used to create a correctly formatted screenplay. See the Fountain site for more information.

Who is behind this

Screenplain was created by software developer Martin Vilcans. The CSS styling for HTML output was made by Jonathan Poritsky. The Fountain file format was mainly invented by filmmaker Stu Maschwitz, merged with ideas from screenwriter John August and combined with the work of Martin Vilcans, Jonathan Poritsky and Brett Terpstra.